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Posted by Limestone Coast Landscape Board on

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board is encouraging landholders to act now to get on top of winter weeds.

Limestone Coast Landscape Board Team Leader of Lower Limestone Coast Landscape Operations, Lizzie Doyle said that with recent rain and as we come out of autumn into winter there are a range of priority declared weeds requiring control.

“Early intervention to control weeds can reduce costs significantly as the young, emerging plants require less herbicide.”

“This also allows desirable pasture species to thrive and out-compete weed species in peak growing months,” she said.

“Across the Limestone Coast winter is an ideal season to control Salvation Jane, horehound and African boxthorn, with false caper and variegated thistle an additional focus in the lower Limestone Coast,” she said.

“Similarly, in the upper Limestone Coast, landholders are urged to control bridal veil.”

“Preventing spread and decreasing weeds on your property benefits industry and most importantly the long-term sustainability of your land.”

“Many winter weeds such as salvation Jane and horehound have long-lived seeds which can remain dormant underground for a number of years. This can mean many landholders may not even be aware that they are on their property.”

Consistent follow-up control is key with multiple treatments over the winter period and effective management of early-flowering plants important to reduce years of re-emergence,” she said.

“Our Landscape Officers are located all around the Limestone Coast and can help landholders with advice on weed control techniques, weed identification and resources for landholders to support best practice control,” said Ms Doyle.

Under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019, landholders have a legal responsibility to control declared weeds on their property.

For more information or advice on weed and pest animal management in your area contact your local Landscape Officer or call the Limestone Coast Landscape Board on 08 8429 7550. 

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