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Native vegetation in our landscape

Protect and return native vegetation to our landscape

The Limestone Coast is home to a diversity of native vegetation, each species telling a story of resilience and adaptation. However, the impacts of climate change, drainage, and land clearing over numerous decades have had negative effects on our native flora. As a result, what now remains of our native vegetation is scattered across our landscape and often under threat. It is important we take action to plant more species.

The importance of native vegetation in the Limestone Coast

Hidden amongst these scattered remnants lie threatened flora. Between the ancient trees such as South Australian Blue Gums and Stringy Bark Woodlands native animals seek refuge in the remnant corridors to move through the landscape. Native vegetation provides habitat and food for our regions fauna proving vital to their life cycle.

Native vegetation has shaped the Limestone Coast’s culture and identity for thousands of years. The land and its resources underpin First Nations history, innovation, spirituality and economics.

How to work together to protect and increase native vegetation in the Limestone Coast

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board works with community, partners, First Nations and landholders to protect and return native vegetation to our landscape.

Together we will protect and return native vegetation to the landscape for the generations to come.

By choosing native plants for your garden, you can create a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space that benefits you and our environment. Enjoy the process of exploring native plant species and watching your garden thrive! Visit your local nursery and ask their advice on the best native plants to suit your location.

Support in identifying unknown plants

If you’re not sure about a plant in your garden or on your property INaturalist is an innovative way to identify native plants. Using the app from your mobile device you can take a photo of a plant and it will be identified by a team of scientists. This is a great tool for those plants you are unsure about.

Learn more about INaturalist