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Bait distribution days

To support fox control efforts in autumn and spring, Landscape Officers hold additional fox bait distribution days in rural locations in their local areas.

The bait distribution days are an opportunity for you to work with your neighbours to implement fox baiting programs. This will improve the effectiveness of your fox baiting efforts.

Discounted baits to support coordinated neighbourhood control

To encourage large-scale fox control efforts in autumn and spring, we are offering a 20% discount on baits collected from bait distribution days in your local area.

The baiting discount is an added incentive for you to work with your neighbours at the same time and at the largest possible scale. The bait distribution days also provide a great opportunity to come and meet your local Landscape Officer. You can arrange a property visit or find out what else we can help you with. It is also an opportunity to check out the latest pest control tools such as Canid Pest Ejectors and chat all things weeds and pest animals in your area.

The discounts and distributions days support you to improve the effectiveness of your baiting efforts.

Upcoming bait distribution days

Dates and locations will be announced shortly for spring. Check back here or contact your local Landscape Officer to organise collection of baits.

How to order your baits prior to the distribution day

Contact your local Landscape Officer to pre-order prior to the distribution day.

If you wish to collect baits from a depot

Regular bait collection will continue at our depots. You can call your local Landscape Officer to order your baits at the standard pricing and organise collection.

The discount only applies when baits are purchased as part of a group baiting program (minimum 3 neighbouring landholders), including bait distribution days. Please speak to your local Landscape Officer for details and support to organise your program.

A list of our collection depots are below. Please note the collection depots are not always open so ensure you call ahead.

Phone 08 8429 7550 to be put in touch with your local Landscape Officer or click on the link below.

Find your local Landscape Officer

Limestone Coast Landscape Board Depot locations:

Millicent Depot

Corner of Rendelsham Road and Battye Street
Millicent, SA 5280

Mount Gambier Depot

324 Commercial St West
Mt Gambier, SA 5290

Penola Depot

22 Young St West
Penola, SA 5277

Kingston Depot

17-23 Adam St
Kingston, SA 5275

Naracoorte Depot

279 Smith St
Naracoorte, SA 5271

Keith Depot

61 Smith St
Keith, SA 5267