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Water in the Limestone Coast

Managing our water resources

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board leads an integrated approach to water resource management in the region. We have a priority of working with you to protect and balance our region’s water resources to achieve a water secure and sustainable future. Through collaboration we deliver research, on ground works and policy.

Making every drop count

Water is the lifeblood of the Limestone Coast. It is central to our landscape, our community and our economy. 

The challenge of making every drop count is significant and recognises the responsibility to achieve this outcome is shared. 

From traditional to alternate water sources we need to ensure every drop of our water resources counts towards a water secure and sustainable future.

Water policy and planning in the Limestone Coast

We deliver water policy in the form of water allocation plans and water affecting activities. Water policy provides water licences and permits for some activities in the Limestone Coast.

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Protecting the wetlands in your paddocks

Puddles in your paddocks are important wetlands in the Limestone Coast. They can support biodiversity on your farm and contribute to recharging our water resources.

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Value of Limestone Coast Wetlands

Conserving and restoring wetland areas in our region is critical for our local plants and animals.

Learn more about how we can protect our Limestone Coast wetlands.

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