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What we do

Working with you to benefit our landscape

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board works with land managers and community to benefit our landscape, the region and the lives of our community.

Protecting our landscape from the impact of weeds and pest animals

We work with land managers to protect primary production, community and the environment from the impacts of weeds and pest animals. We support you to undertake best practice pest management.

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Managing our water resources

We deliver water policy, research and on ground works to manage our water resources. We work with you in an integrated approach to water resource management.

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The Limestone Coast Landscape Board offers school and community learning programs

We provide on country learning programs for schools and community in the Limestone Coast. We support you to learn about our landscape and build a more sustainable future.

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Improving our biodiverse landscape for the future

We work with land managers, partners and community to conserve and enhance habitat and native plants and animals in the Limestone Coast.

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Supporting primary producers to put in place sustainable land management practices

We work with farmers and forestry in sustainable land management practices.

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