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Your local Landscape Officers

Local Landscape Officers, local knowledge

A network of Landscape Officers are located across the region. They’re here to work with you to manage priority declared weeds and pest animals. This includes the control of pests on roadsides.

Your local Landscape Officers

Landscape Officers have local knowledge, expertise and strong relationships with the community. They manage and control priority declared weeds and pest animals in their area.

Your local Landscape Officer will:

Visit your property and provide weed identification

Helping you to detect weeds early and respond rapidly to incursions.

Bring a local understanding and technical advice of the weeds and pest animals in your area

Helping you to improve results, saving you time and money with the right methods and timing of control.

Provide mapping of weed infestations on your property

Helping you to understand the extent of weed infestations so you can develop weed management plans tailored to your property.

Support you to get the most out of your pest animal control campaign

Helping you to coordinate fox and rabbit baiting programs with your neighbours. Supply of fox and rabbit poison bait and equipment from your local depot or at various bait distribution days held in rural areas across the Limestone Coast.

Find your local Landscape Officer

Or call 08 8429 7550 to be put in touch with a Landscape Officer in your area.

Landscape Officers are authorised officers

Landscape Officers are authorised officers under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019. As authorised officers they have powers that they may reasonably use in the enforcement of the Act.

Visit section 204 of the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 to understand the powers of authorised officers.

Landscape South Australia Act 2019