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Partnership opportunities

Partner with the Limestone Coast Landscape Board

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board values partnerships and the benefits of collaboration. We’re collaborative because when we are what we do is better. Like us, our partners are passionate about our region, our local landscape and our community.

The benefits of partnering with us

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board is passionate about landscape management. We are proactive and practical in our approach and deliberate in our actions. One of the greatest strengths of our partnerships is the ability to combine relative strengths to achieve a common goal. Some of the benefits of partnering with us include:

Extended reach

We have existing networks across a range of stakeholders. Our on ground presence is strong across the whole of the Limestone Coast.

Access to expertise 

Access to local knowledge and resources through our team of technical experts.

Resource capacity

We have staff who can support facilitation, administration and governance of projects including First Nations engagement.

Grant funding

Collaborative applications for external grants, or letters of support.

Regulatory support

Help in navigating regulatory processes and permits related to land and water management, environmental conservation, and sustainable practices. We can provide guidance on compliance and assist with necessary approvals.

Who we partner with

We collaborate with a range of local, state and national partners from:

  • non-Government organisations
  • not for Profit groups
  • educational institutions
  • First Nations organisations
  • industry groups
  • government organisations and agencies
  • local community groups
  • philanthropic.

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What we look for in partnership opportunities

Trust and strong working relationships are the foundation of our partnerships. They are critical to long term, productive collaborations. When considering partnership opportunities, we also look for:

  1. Alignment of goals: we share similar goals and a common mission.
  2. Complementary resources: people and resources that are different but work together for success.
  3. Mutual benefit: win-win situations where each partner gains something valuable. Such as cost savings, enhanced capabilities, increased impact and delivery of timely outcomes.
  4. Clear communication: ensures clarity of project goals, timelines and roles and responsibilities.
  5. Landscape benefit: partnerships that drive real, on ground results.

Discover who we are

Explore our staff and the local expertise we have on offer

Find out more about what we do

Projects and activities we collaborate on

  • revegetation
  • habitat and wetland restoration
  • establishment of ClimateWatch Trails
  • threatened species conservation
  • water research.

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