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Wetlands in our landscape

Value of Limestone Coast wetlands

Wetlands in the Limestone Coast landscape come in many shapes and sizes. Some are permanent, we can always count on them being in the landscape. Others come and go, linked to the seasons and the water resource beneath our feet.

The importance of wetlands in the Limestone Coast

All wetlands matter, wetlands are valuable; water belongs in our landscape!

Did you realise that 40% of our wetlands are less than 1 ha in size and 86% are less than 10 ha in size? They might not be mighty in size but they pack in a load of benefits for everyone in our region.

Wetlands are habitat for birds, frogs, fish and plants. Some are familiar to us like the swans that make their nests each year. Some are unfamiliar, threatened or endangered, animals many of us don't get to see. Wetlands are places where we take a break from work, gather with family and friends and enjoy our landscape.

Protecting and caring for our wetlands today ensures wetlands are part of our future tomorrow.

The Limestone Coast is home to many types of wetlands

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Discover the plants and animals that live in Limestone Coast wetlands

Learn about the animalsĀ and plants that depend on wetlands for their survival.

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Protecting the wetlands in your paddocks

The wetlands in your paddocks can support biodiversity on your farm and contribute to recharging our water resources

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