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Posted by Limestone Coast Landscape Board on

Over 200 students from across the Limestone Coast explored our coastal landscape, walking the 8.5 km loop around Lake Bonney recently as part of the Limestone Coast Landscape Board’s March in May educational event.

Being out on Country with native plants and animals increases students’ awareness of responsible land management.

Along the way students enjoyed hearing about the exhaustive journeys of our shorebirds, discovered the six seasons of First Nations culture and learnt about the critical landscape activity of removing weeds.

Limestone Coast Landscape Board Landscape Officer, Jarryd Lee reinforced the importance of weed removal from the local landscape if we are to maintain habitat and reduce the pressures on farming productivity.

“Students engaged with various weed species and developed a deeper understanding of ecological balance in our region. By learning the difference between native and introduced plant species, students expanded their knowledge and developed a sense of responsibility towards preserving local biodiversity.” Jarryd said.

Damien Bickley, Limestone Coast Landscape Board Education Coordinator said, “Providing hands on educational experiences in our local landscape is about getting students out on Country in our local area to explore and interact with nature. When sharing this newfound awareness with their community and family, it helps to reinforce the need to maintain a healthy environment.”

The annual March in May event for Year 5 and 6 students is a collaborative event taking students on a journey of nature discovery at Canunda National Park. The event, organised by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, would not be possible without the support of Friends of Canunda and Beachport Parks, Friends of Shorebirds SE, Burrandies Aboriginal Corporation and National Parks and Wildlife Service SA.

If your school would like to participate next year, please email

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